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Success Stories for Sisters

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Moi Moi Fine Jewellery was founded by sisters Lauren Chang Sommer and Alana Chang Weirick opening a store in December 2004 at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. With the support of their parents the girls have introduced the world's fastest growing fine jewellery category to Australia and New Zealand after securing the exclusive Moissanite rights to both countries in 2005.

The Moissanite jewel which is made from the mineral Silicon Carbide has more brilliance, fire and lustre than any other jewel including diamond, and comes at a fraction of the cost. Because of its beauty and affordable price tag, the jewel has rapidly created its own niche since being launched by American creators Charles & Colvard in 1998.

Lauren Chang Sommer 
Managing Director - Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

As the Co-founder and Managing Director of Moi Moi Fine Jewellery, Lauren Chang Sommer is the visionary who guides the future strategic direction of the company.

At the age of 20, whilst still at university completing a Bachelor of Art Theory, at UNSW's College of Fine Arts, with no capital or business loan, Lauren co-founded Art Essentials with Justin Sommer, who is now her husband. They operated the picture framing business from their garage, selling photo frames made from timber off-cuts at the markets earning enough money to buy their own machinery. Lauren was involved in the business full-time until she co-founded Moi Moi. Justin continues to run Art Essentials, an extremely successful business servicing more than 5,000 retail and wholesale customers nationally.

Lauren now 30 together with her sister Alana, established Moi Moi in December 2004 just five months after discovering Moissanite. The girls were determined to open the store prior to Christmas and did so just two weeks after Lauren's wedding!

Alana Chang Weirick 
Managing Director - Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

Born in Sydney, Australia, Alana graduated from a Bachelor of Communications from Griffith University, a degree she studied via correspondence so she could travel simultaneously.

Alana was in Chicago when Lauren proposed the Moi Moi business to her so she jumped on a plane straight away returning to Sydney to open Moi Moi Fine Jewellery with her sister.

With her love of travel still prevalent, Alana still travels to source jewellery designs and discover upcoming jewellery trends around the world.

Alana is responsible for jewellery design, website management, graphics, and marketing within the business where her vision remains clear - to increase awareness of the product, maintain customer satisfaction and stay ahead in the industry as innovators and pioneers of a new trend in fine jewellery.

When we spoke to Alana she agreed it was easy for her to come to work because she loves what she does, and her customers are always happy! The girls arrange custom-made pieces for those customers who want something unique, and these designs are created in their nearby workshop.

Alana and Lauren already have a distributor in New Zealand, and future plans include franchising, with interest already expressed in Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Within the next few weeks Alana will travel to jewellery trade fairs in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Here she will meet up with other Moissanite distributors to exchange ideas and investigate the latest trends. She loves the European designers who will create and produce unique and beautiful one-off pieces. The Australian market is more conservative, and not as adventurous as the European market, Alana observes.

Part of the success of the Moi Moi girls is their ability to work as a team, each having her role in the business, and specialising in her areas of expertise. Alana describes her sister as more creative, while she is the methodical one (who also does the bookkeeping!).
The design and sale of engagement rings make up 60% of the business of Moi Moi, because the gems are more affordable than diamonds.

The tools the girls have used to build a successful business include :
-building good customer relationships, eg keeping in touch including sending birthday wishes to their customers; 

-their most effective marketing tool for new customers is the internet, their gorgeous website has just been re-designed; 

-they sell their jewellery via their website, and have interstate customers personally visit their store in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney; 

-regular newsletters with information on new collections are sent to their data base of over 12,000; 

-Information Evenings in their beautiful store where customers enjoy canapés and drinks and learn more about moissanite and other gems. 

Lauren and Alana are presently gearing up for the launch of a new collection, and we wish these two delightful young women every success in the continued growth of their business.