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A Little Gem of a Company

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A Little Gem of a Company

Alana Chang of Moi Moi Jewels in the Queen Victoria Building is convinced of her company's sustainable credentials.

She and sister Lauren Chang Sommer sell jewellery made from Moissanite, a synthesised form of silicon carbide, which is usually only found in small quantities in nature buy can be created in a lab as well.

It has a higher brilliance rating than diamonds and is much less expensive, both in financial and environmental terms. Their jewellery looks like a million dollars - but the cost is far from it.

"It's an alternative to mined stones - mined diamonds in particular," Ms Chang said.

"Mining jewels has a big impact on the environment."

She said the film Blood Diamond has raised people's awareness of "conflict" diamonds - gemstones that originate in countries in the grip of civil wars that are driven by their trade.

Ms Chang said the awards were a chance to improve Moi Moi's profile.

"I am very excited as it's a great opportunity for our business to get a bit more awareness," she said.

She and her sister encouraged their customers to vote by sending out a newsletter to their database and by placing a reminder to vote on their website.

Moi Moi Jewels is a finalist in the retail fashion category, along with Glamourpuss, Grandma Takes A Trip, La Mistress and Labels on Sale.