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"Tips on Investing in Fine Jewellery", Yahoo Finance, 14th Jan 2010

Tips on Investing in Fine Jewellery 
Investing in Sparkling Jewels

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Diamonds are forever...

That all-important diamond sparkler will perch on your beloved's ring finger (hopefully) forever. That's why it's very important to shop with confidence and fore-armed with knowledge.

With romantic celebrations such as Valentines Day around the corner, it's the perfect time to propose. But before you rush out and invest a couple of salary's worth on jewellery, read through these tips carefully.

We spoke to fine jewellery experts Lauren and Alana who founded Moi Moi Jewellery to get some advice on buying the best sparkling jewels.

1. Be educated 
Knowledge and education is of extreme importance when purchasing jewellery. Some jewellery designers host jewellery appreciation workshops in store. (Moi Moi hosts complimentary workshops every Thursday night.) The workshops cover all of the important factors that need to be considered when purchasing a piece of jewellery, which includes which type of stones suit face and hand shapes, the four c's; carat, clarity, colour and cut along with what determines a gemstone's beauty and durability. Being educated on these topics will greatly assist in securing a quality piece of jewellery.

2. Choose a reputable jeweller that you feel comfortable with and trust 
Purchasing jewellery should be an enjoyable experience however many find it a daunting process. Shopping with a jeweller that you know and trust will make you feel comfortable to ask questions and take your time in choosing a piece. Having a rapport with your jeweller ensures you are 100% confident in the product.

3. Know what you are buying 
To ensure your purchase is of the highest quality make sure it comes with a certificate. Certified jewellers allow consumers to shop with confidence as all purchase details are included in the certificate. Consumers who purchase jewellery that comes without a certificate can be spending thousands of dollars more than what the piece of jewellery is worth.

4. Make sure you are getting value for money 
Like any purchase, you will only get value for money if you shop around and research all options. Although diamonds have been marketed as a girls best friend savvy consumers realise there are many different options to weigh up when purchasing a piece of jewellery. Moissanite is a quality stone with more fire, lustre and brilliance than any other stone including diamond but comes at a fraction of the cost. Shopping around and considering all options can save you thousands of dollars!

5. Make sure the jewellery is well crafted 
Superior crafted jewellery of heirloom quality will ensure the piece remains within the family and can be cherished for generations. Education is key in knowing what to look for to guarantee your piece of jewellery is well crafted. If you are not working with a jeweller that you know and trust you should ask to see examples of previous custom made pieces that he/she has created to ensure you will be happy with your purchase.

6. Choose a jewel that has good brilliance 
Every woman wants their jewellery to sparkle! Brilliance (sparkle) is considered the most important physical property of a jewel. It is determined by the Refractive Index (RI) that measures how much light is returned to the eye by the jewel. Moissanite has more brilliance than any other jewel including diamond. Purchasing a jewel with good brilliance will see your piece of jewellery continue to shine for a lifetime!

7. Invest in custom designed jewellery 
There is something enchanting about wearing a piece of jewellery that was made exclusively for you. Custom making your ultimate dream piece of jewellery allows you to bring your ideas to life. Consumers are involved in everything from the design process onwards and are consulted every step of the way making sure they receive their dream ring, within their budget.

8. Buy jewellery because you love it 
As jewellery is a large financial investment many couples shop for engagement and wedding rings together to guarantee their partner is happy with the purchase. Researching design options and having a clear thought on what you are looking for will help you buy a piece which you will love wearing every day for years to come.

9. Find a balance between investment and emotion 
Purchasing a piece of jewellery is often to mark a significant stage of life such as engagement, weddings or anniversaries. These pieces of jewellery can become an emotional purchase. Consumers need to find a balance between the emotion of the piece and purchasing it at the right price. Savvy consumers will shop around to secure a good investment that they love.

10. Think about your lifestyle when choosing a design 
Jewellery is meant to be worn! Many women store their jewellery away only to be worn on special occasions as they feel the stone is too big or too special to be worn everyday. This should not be the case. You should be able to wear your jewellery every day so make sure the design suits your lifestyle. If you have great jewellery flaunt it!

For more information, visit Moi Moi Fine Jewellery.