Mother’s Day Competition: behind the scenes

Date Added: 17/04/2015



Most of us enjoy a festive atmosphere – whether it is in memorial or celebration of important occasions. The modern day calendar certainly has a number of important dates to be remembered. One in particular, provides an opportunity for us to express our appreciation and gratitude to our great mums on the wonderful Mother’s Day. 

Image Source: credited to Gio Carrillo

I was fortunate enough to be part of a photo-shoot when we decided to create a wonderful experience this year for Mother’s day, combining divine jewels with mouth-watering delicacies. What else can beat a workday where I’m dressed in beautiful jewellery whilst elegantly sampling savouries and sweets in the Palace Tea Room! 

I have to admit, high tea experiences always woos me with the delightful food served on oh-so-pretty chinaware. We started off the shoot by choosing the china set from a range of eye-candy colours with delicate prints – and the task being as difficult as it was, we settled for one of each colours in the end! As our cake tier arrives, both my photographer and I were resisting hard forgetting about the task on hand and just enjoying the food! 


Image Source: credited to Gio Carrillo

Image Source:credited to Gio Carrillo

We poured rose-colour tea into the cups and posed with the matching “Marlene” pink diamond ring; delicately holding onto the folk that is an inch away from the gorgeous cakes and be still in motion while the stunning tennis bracelet drapes over my wrist; and just ever-so-lightly picking up the mouth-watering macaroon while the “Celeste” ring shines brightly on my finger. 

It was fun to be a hand model, and the experience was simply delightful. Moi Moi is now also giving two lucky winners the experience of a beautiful high tea for two in the spectacular QVB Palace Tea Room – as well as a travel jewellery case each! Simply tell us “what is the best advice your mother has ever taught you” either through Facebook or our website user registration. You can enter the competition here:  

Good luck! 

* Janet

Citrine Beauty

Date Added: 07/04/2015



A lovely client of ours was fortunate to be given an enormous Citrine for Christmas from her husband. 

Purchased in New York, the incredible Citrine jewel was a very sizeable 97 Carats!

They came to visit us in the store over New Years to have it set into a pendant. 

The clients wish was to be able to wear the pendant on a long chain in winter over dark roll neckjumpers.

I designed for her a piece which was two-toned.  We surrounded the Citrine with white gold and at four points, we set yellow gold bezel Moissanite stones, with an extra stone at the top on the bail.


    Image Source: Moi Moi Fine Jewellery  
   Image Source: Moi Moi Fine Jewellery  




  Image Source: Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

The client was thrilled with how it turned out.  It was exactly how she envisaged it.   We love the modern Italianate feel it has and its WOW factor.   The result is a standout piece of heirloom jewellery that will always be fun to wear.

I love coloured stones, I think you can be very playful with the way you wear them and you can get away with wearing big stones. 

If you have a favourite coloured stone you would like to set or would like us to source for you, we would be thrilled to work on this special project with you.  Please visit us in store or e-mail


- Lauren





Russian Wedding Rings

Date Added: 27/03/2015


Russian wedding rings (also known as Trinity, Trilogy or Puzzle rings) are a style of three intertwining rings to create one ring, and represent holy matrimony. It is mostly worn on the ladies right hand.

Traditionally, the three rings are different coloured gold’s of yellow, rose and white gold.
All three bands together represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 


As with many traditional rings, there are always the modern versions. It’s quite common to now have stones in the bands or engraving. You can also have just two bands, or four, five, six or more bands intertwine, and they don’t need to be three different golds. Some people opt for all white, or white and yellow bands only. 

We have recently had two customers do their own take on the Russian wedding ring design for dress rings, and we custom made them with beautiful results: 

Our first client added diamonds and engraving to her bands. She had found the rolling of the intertwining rings uncomfortable to wear, and so she and wanted the rings separate to wear as a stack.



  Image Source: Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

Our second client wanted one ring, joined at the base and have the three bands separated at the side of the ring to be intertwining at the top. She added pink sapphires and Moissanite to each ‘ring’.






CAD drawing of the custom made ring
Image Source: Moi Moi Fine Jewellery


   Final results of the custom made ring
Image Source: Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

Traditional Russian wedders, or modern takes: both look great, but what's your pick?

- Alana



Date Added: 09/03/2015



Gemstones are such fascinating little things. With colours which extend beyond the rainbow; they come in all forms, shapes and sizes, destined to be delicately and skilfully set in designs only limited by imagination (well – almost!) – There is no wonder that these little sparkling gems captivate the hearts of so many woman – as well as men!

As someone who has been in the industry for a number of years, I am still intrigue by the diversity of gemstones, as well as the many interesting histories and stories to them.


 Image Source: credited to Gemstones Advisor @

Therefore it is exciting to share that I am currently undertaking a course with the GAA –

Gemmological Association of Australia, to further broader my horizons in the field. 

The past three lessons have been very productive and fun; we learnt of various coloured gemstones, their formations and properties, as well as how to identify between varieties. For example, did you know that in order for created gemstones to be qualified as a gem, the stone has to gemmologically possess the same physical, chemical and structural properties as a natural mined stone? (Considering that fine Ruby and Alexandrite are one of the most expensive jewels, we are glad to carry the finest created pieces for our customers, without breaking the bank!)


  Image Source: credited to Janet Y

We also looked into various treatments and enhancing methods used on gemstones. Heat treatment for example is common and accepted to bring out a gem’s best colours. Unlike wide-spread misperception, this is not actually a ‘bad’ thing, because a gemstone may undergo natural heat activities during formation in its growth environment. Fracture or cavity filling, on the other hand, is a process where synthetic materials are injected into a gem for a numbed of reasons, including improvement of clarity, stability or appearance. 




Image Source: credited to Coloured Gemstones Guide @



I cannot say I will be a gemmology expert upon completion of this course – however I’d hope to develop a more comprehensive understanding as well as appreciation for these beautiful creations by Earth. I’m always excited about the next upcoming lesson, and look forward to sharing more classroom moments with you next time!


- Janet







The Oscars

Date Added: 28/02/2015




Sparkles are always in style at the Oscars and this year had to be one of the best years for jewelry to be in the spotlight at the academy award. We see bold earrings and statement necklaces trending all over the red carpet. 

Below are some who stood out from the Oscars crowd with interesting jewels that complemented their equally beautiful outfits. 

Adding to her sheer Saint Laurent gown for the night, Margot Robbie wore a Van Cleef & Arpels “Zip Antique Colombine” necklance featuring over 150 diamonds and over 300 sapphires in 18K Yellow Gold. This dazzling design was inspired by the Duchess of Windsor and its “worth more than her life” said Robbie. The zipper is even fully functional!


 Margot Robbie By Getty Images

Another star dressed in Van Cleef & Arpels, Viola Davis wowed us in diamonds and pearls necklace paired in a pale pink Zac Posen number.

 Viola Davis by Getty Images

Presenter Scarlett Johansson hit the red carpet in a sleek Atelier Versace dress with a stunning heavily beaded high-necked chocker that ran all the way down to her chest. Topping it off with the Piaget Mediterranean Garden ear cuff set in pear-shaped emeralds, 278 brilliant-cut diamonds, four pear-shaped aquamarines and two pear-shaped green tourmalines, according to Forbes.


   Scarlett Johansson By Getty Images   


Anna Kendricks stunned in Norman Silverman diamonds including 13 carats of marquise and pear-shaped diamond cluster earrings, paired with a five-row diamond collar that tucked perfectly into the neckline of her custom peach Thakoon gown.

   Anna Kendricks By Getty Images  



Cate Blanchett left her diamonds at home and opted to show off a Tiffany’s multi-row turquoise stunner instead. She wore it over her Maison Margiela gown to jazz up the simple black dress. 

  Cate Blanchett By Getty Images   


And finally, it wouldn’t be an Oscars without Nicole Kidman making a red carpet jewelry statement. This year she wore more than $7 million worth of Harry Winston Diamonds, including 7-carat emerald-cut diamond platinum studs, an 82-carat Caftan diamond bracelet, a 16.5-carat emerald-cut diamond solitaire ring and a 5.3-carat bezel-set diamond band ring. Oh, did I forget to mention? Nicole also wore a strapless sequined gown. It’s okay to be draped in sparkles at the Oscars.


   Nicole Kidman By Getty Images  


Do you have a piece of statement jewellery you are in love with from the Oscars?


- Aggie





Celebrating Chinese New year!

Date Added: 17/02/2015


Celebrating Chinese New year! 

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

No matter what your family heritage is, from our family to yours we wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year! 



My father is Chinese Malaysian and my mother is Australian. As children, my sister and I had a wide

and varied multi-cultural upbringing. 

Chinese New Year in our family was always a happy and significant time. It’s a time to bring family together , to eat lots of delicious food, to watch Dragon dancing and to collect Ang Pows or red packets full of money! 

New Years are always a time to reflect and refresh. I wish you all great health, much happiness and wealth in every way. May all good fortunes come your way in this the Year of the Sheep! 

Warmest regards, 

Lauren Chang Sommer



Another amazing proposal

Date Added: 23/01/2015

Being in the jewellery business, we are so blessed to be a small part of a special occasion such as an engagement proposal.When making an engagement ring we often wonder how the proposal will go, and it’s wonderful to hear the plans from our customers when they pick up the ring, or the stories afterwards when the partner says “yes”!

Here is the story of a very special proposal from our romantic customer Matt to his girlfriend Ashleigh. It was months in the planning, with Matt acquiring his helicopter pilot license and getting approval from council to land the helicopter, we were amazed and very impressed with the level of planning to make his proposal an incredible experience for Ashleigh.  Ashleigh you are one lucky woman!  Here is Matt’s story…. in his own words:

“The day began with a helicopter flight out to the stunning Fairmont resort for lunch at their restaurant. I had told my fiancée Ashleigh we were out to celebrate my late birthday lunch. After we had lunch we went for a short 10 minute walk down into the beautiful Jamison Valley.


Little did she know that my best friend had driven up already one hour before we had arrived and was already at the bottom of the valley setting up my surprise and then hiding again.  When we got to the bottom I sent a sly text message to Ashleigh's sister giving her the signal to call and distract Ashleigh while I excused myself and went around the corner to where my best friend had hidden the blanket and my suit. A quick 3 mins later and I was in my suit holding a rose with the stunning ring (provided by Moi Moi of course ha ha) and waiting for Ashleigh to come around the corner and find me.

Her reaction was priceless as she had defiantly not been expecting anything like this
happen especially not quite so extravagant.

After I had gotten down on my knee and proposed and after the tears had been wiped from her eyes as she managed
to get a faint ‘yes’ out, we laid down and had some champagne and relaxed for a while.




Afterwards we walked back out, headed back to the helicopter and departed back to Sydney for her second surprise…

I had arranged some close family and friends to be waiting for us at the Marconi club in one of their soccer fields as this is where I had first laid eyes on her and it seemed a fitting place to celebrate. As we approached I told her I was coming in for us to take a photo, it wasn't till we were very close to the ground that she recognised people in the stadium and realised what was going on.

After we landed, another pilot whom I work with took the helicopter off me and flew it back to the airport while we stayed and had several drinks to celebrate.



It was a beautiful and perfect day and none of it would have felt right without the perfect ring. I would also like to thank you and all your staff for your services, it’s never an easy thing to enter a store looking for an item that means so much and can be cause of great anxiety but you and your staff were immensely helpful in making myself feel extremely confident and relaxed in my decision, thank you for that.

My sincerest thanks and kindest regards

Matt Langler”

Congratulations Matt and Ashleigh. We wish you all the best for your upcoming wedding!




Happy New Year 2015

Date Added: 02/01/2015



We would like to wish all our customers and friends a very Happy New Year.
Thanks to all of you for your support. We wish you a bright and brilliant 2015.
From all of us at Moi Moi


Moi Moi present in the Telethon

Date Added: 11/11/2014

As a proud Western Australian, I was excited to be invited to sing at Channel 7’s annual fund raiser, Telethon, for improving the lives of children at Telethon, last weekend.

I performed the empowering “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, a classic song from Rogers & Hammerstein II’s musical ‘Carousel’ which is also widely loved as the Anthem for the Liverpool Soccer Club and fans.


The lovely Aggie & Jessie from Moi Moi Fine Jewellery decked me in their most divine jewellery. From the beautiful matching True Colours range of earrings, necklace, Moissanite bracelet and my absolute favourite, a sublime Kunzite and Pink Sapphire ring which made my hand feel so delightfully heavy, I confess I wish I could wear it all the time!

The talented Perth Fashion couture designer, Betty Tran, dressed me in one of her masterpieces, a heavenly magical gown which made me feel like a Princess.

Some of the supreme highlights of Telethon were when I walked out on stage and a group of girls yelled out “We love you Clara” and then when I went to leave the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, hundreds of gorgeous little girls dressed in pink, begged me to have a photo with ‘the Princess’.

One girl in particular had Downs Syndrome. She wrapped her arm around me to have a photo and afterwards she gave me the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek. That made my heart soar and I felt so grateful that what I love doing, brings so much joy and happiness to others.


I will endeavour to get a video copy of my performance to share with you soon.

Love Clara xx


Yours sincerely,
Clara Helms

Australian Pop Opera | Contemporary Singer | Songwriter | Actor | Dancer

Founder & Ambassador: “Belief Beyond Bullies: Raising Awareness & Self Empowerment”.
*Finalist on Channel 7's "Australia's Got Talent"


What should I get for our anniversary?

Date Added: 27/10/2014




This is certainly one of the most reoccurring questions we get asked in the shop. We get it, we have been there ourselves, it is a lot of pressure trying to find the perfect present, but getting the anniversary present right can be easier than you think.

Many times, the best way is to ask your partner what they wish for, if you would like it to be a surprise, ask far in advance. This is the easiest route and is often the most successful one.


 The complete surprise route is also usually very successful and can bring up lovely emotions. Just the other day my customer came in and picked up an eternity band for his partner, she was completely stunned and just so happy, my customer told me that it could not have gone better. A few tips if you are thinking about surprising your partner, if you want to get a ring try to figure out your partners ring size and also what type of style they like which is also relevant if you are looking to get your partner earrings or a necklace.



The most common present for a ‘big’ anniversary, is definitely an eternity band, which sits next to the engagement ring. This means that there are three rings, the wedding band, the engagement ring and the eternity band. Together this looks absolutely stunning. Alternatively, you can stack rings, in what is now known as "celebration rings". I have provided a few pictures and links to some of our rings that are very popular as eternity bands.

Heaven 2.0
$1030 inc GST

E: Tabatha 1.5
$1160 inc GST

Heaven 1.3
$980 inc GST



For the ‘every year’ anniversary it is very common to get pendants, earrings or dress rings. These gifts can help to make every anniversary special and memorable.
A few of my personal favourites in different price ranges are as follows:  

B: Lin 4.5
$440 inc GST

C: Elissa 6.0
$570 inc GST

G: Eloise A
$680 inc GST


If you really cannot come up with any ideas, you can always purchase a piece of jewellery that has the gemstone that represents that year’s anniversary.

In the end it is all about showing your partner how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you.




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