Moi Moi Diamonds

Date Added: 30/07/2014

Moi Moi is best known as Australia’s Moissanite jeweller.  Did you know that we have many ring designs, which feature diamonds? 

Our Diamond ring range is unique and vast It is unique because once you choose your setting featuring diamonds in the mounting, you can choose to have the centre stone to be either Diamond or Moissanite. Our website has all the prices options listed on each setting option.  The settings can also be modified to suit your exact desires and design ideas. 


Moi Moi Diamonds 


Midnight Collection and Blush Collection

Once you decide on your setting we can source the most magnificent diamond for you.

Moi Moi holds diamonds as virtual stock which means that you will be able to benefit from getting a fabulous diamond at an extremely competitive price. You have access to millions of dollars worth diamonds direct from Antwerp. After consultation with you and coupled with our expertise we will do the work for you to source for you several options. We can work within any budget, size and shape. The result is access to a limitless supply of diamonds with the help and guidance of one of our highly trained consultants.

 Talk to us about your ideas whether they are for Diamond or for Moissanite surrounded by diamond.  We are here to help and look forward to creating a special piece of jewellery for you.


Warm regards,






Titanium Rings

Date Added: 21/07/2014


Titanium rings are popular as fashion rings and also as men's wedding bands. Titanium rings feel very light. Many men who don’t like to wear rings, like Titanium for their lightweight feel. They look sleek and modern, are highly scratch-resistant and can be combined with other precious metals, like gold or platinum. Whether you want simplicity, traditional, modern or a fusion of both, we have a wide range of Titanium men’s wedding rings and dress rings to view. Not many jewellers offer custom made Titanium rings, however we are proud to say that we can custom make Titanium rings for you. Also , many of our wedding ring designs can be made in Titanium for you.














Fun Facts about Titanium Rings:

 - Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world. It is very strong, three times the
strength of steel and much stronger than gold, silver and platinum and yet is very light weight.


- Although Titanium rings are very strong, engraving is possible. Speak to
us if you would like to engrave something special in your ring.


- Titanium rings are hypoallergenic. Titnaium is rarely alloyed with common skin irritants,
so the rings are ideal for individuals who get rashes from other types of metals commonly found in rings.


- Titanium is extremely well priced. Our Titanium bands are $390.


- Titanium rings do not tarnish, so we guarantee you will be able
to enjoy wearing your Titanium ring without any ongoing maintenance.



View the collection on line or visit us in store (











New Moi Moi brochures!

Date Added: 07/07/2014


We are happy to introduce our new Moi Moi brochures!  


















Recently our newest team member and graphic designer, Gio Carrillo, finished Moi Moi's new brochures to showcase our large range jewellery.
Come in-store to collect yours or contact us if would like them to be posted to you.














Patrik Andersson
Sales Associate


Photo shoot by Rebecca Riegger

Date Added: 03/06/2014


The very talented stylist and art director Rebecca Reigger, recently featured Moi Moi jewellery in a shoot. 
We love the natural, etheral look.  Enjoy!

Styled by Rebecca Reigger
Photographer - Stuart Miller
Hair and make-up artist - Jennifer Carlson
Model - Ashley Rogers, Chadwick Models

 Rebecca Riegger can be found at



































Introducing our NEW Midnight Black Diamond Collection:

Date Added: 02/06/2014



 Introducing our NEW Midnight Black Diamond Collection:


We are thrilled to present to our newest collection of striking black and white diamond engagement and wedding rings, Midnight Black Diamond.


Black & white diamonds give these rings impact and stand out from the crowd.


You can wear them as right hand dress ring, stack the bands or be a bride with a ring to remember.


View the range here:





Buying a Diamond online at Moi Moi

Date Added: 26/05/2014




 Buying a Diamond online at Moi Moi

 At Moi Moi we offer a vast selection of loose Diamonds of all grades. 

 Whilst we hold stock of loose Moissanite at both our Sydney and Perth stores, we sell our diamonds through Virtual Stock.  By not holding actual stock in the store, it means we can offer extremely competitive pricing and source loose diamonds for clients from a very large database.


We like to take time to select loose diamonds for our clients with superb cut to show brilliance and sparkle and minimal inclusions or inclusions which are not too obvious.


All of the Diamonds we source come with a GIA certificate grading report, and a X-ray of the diamond to help you make your decision. 







Left: GIA certificate       Right:  Image of a x-ray of loose diamond


Once a decision has been made, we require a 50% deposit to secure the loose diamond.

 At Moi Moi we never push our customers to make a decision, however it is important to consider that with diamonds there is only one available and we are showing you current virtural stock on an open market.  The diamond options are provided based on current virtual stock availability and may need revising should this particular diamond no longer be available.  This especially applies to fancy cut or large diamonds where the supply is relatively limited, and get sold very quickly.

We recently had one customer who was after a fancy cut marquise diamond.  We presented several options to her.  She waited to make her decision.  Unfortunately she missed out on both of her first choices because she and her fiancé took a little too long to confirm.  They realised that they needed to be ready to purchase and put down the deposit when they saw one they likes.   In the end, we were able to source a lovely diamond which they are very happy with, however the process could have been more swift and without disappointment along the way had they not presumed the diamond would always be available.  This is important to consider, and it is preferable to make a decision as fast as possible to not miss out on the ‘perfect’ diamond of your choice.


If you have any questions regarding diamonds, and the purchase process for diamonds, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you,

Patrik Andersson
Sales Associate











Amal Alamuddin, Mila Kunis, Katherine Heigel & Kate Middleton’s Engagement ring – Get the look!

Date Added: 19/05/2014




 George Clooney’s recent surprise engagement to Amal Alamuddin has finally seen him put a ring on someone’s finger!  George presented the very large Emerald cut diamond flanked with two tapered baguettes to human rights attorney Amal, just a few weeks ago.  It is reported that her huge 7 carat Emerald ring cost £450,000, which is just over AUD$800,000!




  Left: George Clooney's Fiance Amal Alamuddin - Credit: 
Right: A recent custom made order similar, except with Trillions on the side, we can also make it with tapered baguettes, like Amal's.




Now that is a lot of money for a ring! Moi Moi can custom make a ring just like Amal’s.

We would use a 7.39 carat Radiant Moissanite, 2 x 0.22 carat Tapered Baguettes and set it in your choice of 18K gold or Platinum.

In 18K white or 18Kyellow gold this ring would be $7,530. WOW that’s a saving of $792,500!!






Mila Kunis - Credit: Harper's Bazaar   Right: Moi Moi's  Audrey ring 9mm $3,150




Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher also were engaged earlier this year. Mila was just on the Ellen deGeneres show beaming with news their first baby is expected later this year. Mila Kunis engagement ring is the very classic 6 prong knife-edge ring. Mila’s ring is estimated to be between 2 – 3 carats, which could be anywhere from $85,000 - $250,000.

It’s an extremely elegant ring which has no embellishments and shows off the centre stone. This timeless design is one of our best sellers called the Audrey and is available in various centre stone sizes.

Our Audrey ring 9mm is near identical.  In 18K gold with a 2.65 carat Moissanite centre stone it can be yours for $3,150.





Left:  Katherine Heigel - Credit:  Right:  Moi Moi's Zara.  Ring, Moissanite and Diamond - $3,110




 Katherine Heigel’s 3 carat Pear engagement ring with a halo is a stunner! Many clients have asked us for this ring and we now have a new ring from our Romance Diamond collection called the Zara. For a 0.97 carat Pear Moissanite surrounded by diamonds in the halo and band, the price is $3,110.










Left: Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (Kate Middleton) - Credit: 
Right: Moi Moi's Daisy ring , $2,780





Lastly, perhaps the most well-known engagement ring of our time, Duchess of Cambridge Catherine’s (Kate Middleton’s) ring which was once Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

A lovely large oval blue sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds is worn proudly by the Duchess.  The Duchess's ring, due to its history would be priceless.  We have always had clients requesting this ring and whenever we have it in stock, it sells quickly.  Our Daisy ring carat Oval created blue sapphire, surrounded by Moissanite set in 18K White gold.  The total carat weight is 4.85 carats.   This very elegant and timeless ring is $2,780.

We have a huge selection to choose from.  Did you know we can make modifications to any of our designs, even its just changing the centre stone size larger or smaller.  We also can custom design your dream piece for you.  If you could have any famous ring what would it be?











Celebrating Mother's Day

Date Added: 05/05/2014

 Mother's Day is a celebration and a token of our gratitude to all mothers, to honour mothers and to rejoice motherhood. A special day set aside to remind us to say “thank you” for all the innumerable sacrifices they did and asks nothing in return. 




All mothers should be treated like “Queen for a day” so why not gift her with a special piece of jewellery to symbolize the sparkles you bring to each other’s lives. Below are some Mother’s Day gift ideas to get you started.
Don’t forget we are also having a Mother’s Day promotion.

 -Aggie x



Custom Wedding bands

Date Added: 29/04/2014



 What is a Fitted Wedding Band?

What prompted me to write this blog was an experience we had last weekend.
On receiving her engagement ring and a fitted wedding band, the customer was overcome with
emotion and burst into tears. She was overwhelmed with what we had done to her engagement ring that was
 given to her by her late grandmother. The vintage engagement ring has never looked better after it was
polished and rhodium plated. 

Next, she was on cloud nine when we presented her with her fitted wedding band. Spontaneously,
she turned to her partner, hugged her and kissed her, oblivious to the presence
of us and other customers. What a joy!





We have done nothing extraordinary other than polish and rhodium plated her engagement
ring and we made a fitted band for her engagement ring.

 This leads us to our subject: What is a fitted ring? Fitted wedding bands are specially made band
to fit into an engagement ring that does not have a straight edge.

The design trend of modern engagement rings is to accommodate the wedding
band sitting flush to it to complement the ring.
Choosing a wedding band is easy since most straight bands will match the ring.

 Many engagement rings do not have a straight edge band. Many Tiffany engagement ring designs do
not sit flush with wedding bands, so it is nothing unusual about it.





  The design objective of a fitted band is to complement the design of the engagement ring. When the rings are worn as a set, they should appear as if they were meant to be together. They will fit together like a jigsaw. Therefore, the wedding ring design elements of proportion, style, shape and profile, the type of metal and type of jewel are dependent on the design of the engagement ring.  

Fitted bands come in many styles like the jigsaw, curved, cut-out, underlay,
wave, wishbone, plain or jewel accented etc.








  Pictured are some of the examples we have done over the years.

As a consequence of this happy experience we have decided to polish all engagement ring complimentary
when you commission us to do a fitted band.

Come and see us, or send your ring to us so we can advise on a design that you will be happy with forever.


- Stephen



Jewellery Repair

Date Added: 16/04/2014





When purchasing fine jewellery, no one ever really wants to think about what happens if their jewellery breaks, nevertheless this is still very important to consider.

When I first started at Moi Moi my knowledge about jewellery repairs was limited.  I had pretty much bought in to the myth that diamonds are so hard that they cannot break. This is why I was so surprised when my colleague told me that she dropped her diamond ring in the bathroom and the diamond chipped badly.  It is important to know that nothing is indestructible.  Over the years lots of customers come to us, wanting to replace lost, stolen or damaged diamonds.   Sometimes it is just bad luck and many people do not know when or how the jewellery piece broke.  The customer may not even realise they have had some kind of impact on the ring until they look down one day and notice the ring is damaged.  This is why it is crucial to think about where you buy your jewellery from and what type of policies and level of customer service they offer.









Recently we had a customer who had purchased her wedding band from America, and a stone had fallen out from the band. She wrote to us and said that she had tried to email the company several times, but had not gotten an answer. She wanted to know if we could help her. The issue here was that her ring from America was 14 Karat gold, which is not used in Australia (So for repair work, when the ring is 14K the jeweller uses 9K gold). We fixed this ring for our customer and she was very happy, but very disappointed of the company she purchased the ring from which is understandable.







At Moi Moi we are offer a six month warranty from any manufacturing defects.  Being a family business, it’s crucial for us that our customers are happy and take pride in wearing their jewellery, regardless of how long ago the ring was purchased.  Life happens and there are many reasons why a ring may have endured some kind of impact.  We offer discounted repairs for our customers, often as low as cost and we are always happy to discuss your particular situation. 







Of course, we design and create our pieces with the hope your jewellery will be thoroughly enjoyed for many years.  Yet it is also a good feeling to know that if worst comes to worst, you have a jeweller who answers your emails and will do everything they can to make your ring look like new again.

If you have any questions regarding repairs, please comment or send me an email


Patrik Andersson
Sales Associate



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