Jewellery Repair

Date Added: 16/04/2014





When purchasing fine jewellery, no one ever really wants to think about what happens if their jewellery breaks, nevertheless this is still very important to consider.

When I first started at Moi Moi my knowledge about jewellery repairs was limited.  I had pretty much bought in to the myth that diamonds are so hard that they cannot break. This is why I was so surprised when my colleague told me that she dropped her diamond ring in the bathroom and the diamond chipped badly.  It is important to know that nothing is indestructible.  Over the years lots of customers come to us, wanting to replace lost, stolen or damaged diamonds.   Sometimes it is just bad luck and many people do not know when or how the jewellery piece broke.  The customer may not even realise they have had some kind of impact on the ring until they look down one day and notice the ring is damaged.  This is why it is crucial to think about where you buy your jewellery from and what type of policies and level of customer service they offer.









Recently we had a customer who had purchased her wedding band from America, and a stone had fallen out from the band. She wrote to us and said that she had tried to email the company several times, but had not gotten an answer. She wanted to know if we could help her. The issue here was that her ring from America was 14 Karat gold, which is not used in Australia (So for repair work, when the ring is 14K the jeweller uses 9K gold). We fixed this ring for our customer and she was very happy, but very disappointed of the company she purchased the ring from which is understandable.







At Moi Moi we are offer a six month warranty from any manufacturing defects.  Being a family business, it’s crucial for us that our customers are happy and take pride in wearing their jewellery, regardless of how long ago the ring was purchased.  Life happens and there are many reasons why a ring may have endured some kind of impact.  We offer discounted repairs for our customers, often as low as cost and we are always happy to discuss your particular situation. 







Of course, we design and create our pieces with the hope your jewellery will be thoroughly enjoyed for many years.  Yet it is also a good feeling to know that if worst comes to worst, you have a jeweller who answers your emails and will do everything they can to make your ring look like new again.

If you have any questions regarding repairs, please comment or send me an email


Patrik Andersson
Sales Associate



Dusk Bridal Fair Perth 2014

Date Added: 07/04/2014

Dusk Bridal Fair Perth 2014


First of all a big congratulations to our major prize winner Stephanie Humberstone, for winning our “Mia II” ring valued at $4,290 at the Dusk Bridal Fair. Stephanie was in so much shock when she was informed that she had won the major prize that she had to triple check if she was really the winner! Enjoy wearing your beautiful new ring and congratulations again Stephanie!


We had a lot of fun with a mini Moi Moi photo booth this year. Thanks to Jeffrey’s Photography for snapping some shots. His photos and other photos of the fair can be found [on Facebook].
 The fashion parade is always one of the highlights every guest look forward to. Lace seems to be the most dominant style in wedding dresses this year with many of them being simple and elegant. Lots of whistles, giggles and cheers broke out of the crowd followed by applause when the firemen decided to take off their suits. The ladies certainly got treated to more than what they had paid for this year!  
   Thank you to my great team, Zhao Li and Marinda from Marinda Leigh and Jeffrey from Jeffrey Photography for making the weekend at the fair fun and exciting. Thank you lovely Nicole from Dusk for dressing our booth with your beautiful candles and crystals. Finally, thank you Kym from Dusk Bridal Fair, the whole event would not have been as successful without someone as wonderful as you!
 The fashion parade is always one of the highlights every guest look forward to. Lace seems to be the most dominant style in wedding dresses this year with many of them being simple and elegant. Lots of whistles, giggles and cheers broke out of the crowd followed by applause when the firemen decided to take off their suits. The ladies certainly got treated to more than what they had paid for this year!  


It was so wonderful to hear visitors to our booth that they know what Moissanite is and are very interested to have it as an engagement ring or wedding ring. Click here to read more about Moissanite (please hyper link to ) Thank you to every one who visited our booth and commented on how beautiful our Diamond Romance Collection looks.   We have sent all our visitors some vouchers via e-mail.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Perth store to try on our stunning engagement rings and wedding bands.

- Aggie xx







Easter Eggs That You Can Wear

Date Added: 31/03/2014

Easter is just round the corner and this year Good Friday falls on the 18th of April.

Easter has different meanings to many people.

Easter time for Christians and non-Christians is a time to remember and celebrate.

Easter time is a time of gatherings of family and friends and sharing of the traditional Easter Meal.

Easter time is about Holidays, Easter Bunny, the Hot Cross Buns, The Sydney Royal Easter Show and of course Easter Eggs.



Easter Eggs come in many forms, the hand painted eggs, the chocolate eggs and how about this for a change, ornamental eggs that you can wear.

We carry a collection of hand painted ornamental egg pendants beautifully crafted in sterling silver and individually set with semi-preicous stones including Agate, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Onyx, Peridot, Quartz and topaz.

Our eggs are calorie-free, cholesterol-free, sugar-free and preservative-free.

To celebrate this Easter, we have discounted all these eggs by 25% OFF for the month of April.


  HAPPY EASTER from all of us at Moi Moi!

- Stephen

NEW! M Collection – More Magic by Moi Moi

Date Added: 20/03/2014


We are super excited to bring you more magic with our brand new M collection.

What is it that is so magical about this new range of rings I hear you ask?

Could it be that these rings feature Moissanite, the jewel with more brilliance, fire and lustre than any other jewel including diamond?

Could it be that even after 10 years in Australia, experts still think Moissanite is a Diamond?

Or perhaps it’s because our brand new M Collection of Moissanite rings are all under $1,000!

That’s right!  Happy Days!  A L L  R I N G S  U N D E R  $1,000!

It’s all of these amazing factors, which make our brand new M collection truly magical.



Our philosophy has always been to create beautiful, high quality jewellery that offers our clients incredible value.

So we have amped things up, with this exciting new collection of rings. The stones are good sizes too - mostly 0.78 to 1 carat, set in either 9K White or Yellow gold. The quality is superb. M Collection rings are lovely classic timeless pieces that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

As with all Moi Moi pieces, a Certificate of Authenticity, Guarantee on our workmanship as well as a Lifetime guarantee on the brilliance of the stones accompany all M Collection pieces.

We can’t wait for you to see them… Abracadabra you can view the range now! 

- Lauren


My Favourite Piece of Jewellery at Moi Moi

Date Added: 12/03/2014

My friends, especially my girlfriend, always ask me: What is my favourite Moi Moi piece of jewellery?
Even if taste is subjective, there is one piece of jewellery that has been my favourite since I started working at Moi Moi almost two years ago. It comes as no surprise to my friends and colleagues, that it is the spectacular "Jacaranda" necklace.

The "Jacaranda" is a Moissanite and Created Sapphire necklace set in 18 karat white gold.



The exact specifications are impressive.

Jacaranda A&B 
Sapphire and Moissanite Necklace
6 x 9.0mm x 7.0mm Oval Created Sapphires, 2.62ct each.
13.0mm x 10.0mm Pear Created Sapphire, 6.67ct.
22.39 total carats Created Sapphire.

6.0mm Round Brilliant Moissanite, 0.78ct.
6 x 5.0mm Round Brilliant Moissanite, 0.48ct each.
4 x 4.5mm Round Brilliant Moissanite, 0.33ct each.
11 x 4.0mm Round Brilliant Moissanite, 0.24ct each.
73 x 2.5mm Round Brilliant Moissanite, 0.06ct each.
12 total carats Moissanite18 karat gold
$17,150 inc GST

This stunning necklace is like something from another planet and it always makes my friends drop their jaws. 

The cool thing about this necklace is that the pendant, which is the large pear Sapphire and hanging strands of Moissanite, can be taken off for a slightly simpler look. You could also wear this pendant on a plainer chain. So really you are getting three looks with this set.





The Queen in 1969 

Queen Silvia of Sweden



It is a necklace that is made for royals, and for the same design/specifications in mined diamonds and sapphires this piece would easily be priced over $300,000.

It is always a delight when someone comes in and tries it on. It looks great on everyone that wears it, and you can really see it in their eyes how spectacular they look with a special one of a kind necklace like this.

One thing is for sure, this will be my all time favourite piece of jewellery for a long time to come.

Tell me your favourite piece from Moi Moi?

- Patrik


Princess Madeleine of Sweden.


Oscars Jewellery Wrap 2014

Date Added: 04/03/2014

Last night's Academy Awards Red Carpet did not dissapoint with incredible jewels worn by Hollywoods A-listers.  There were some truly spectacular pieces! Millions of dollars worth of jewellery were showcased and that was sometimes just on one actress!
Jennifer Lawrence's Neil Lane necklace cost US$2 million and weighed over 100 carats worth of diamonds.  She wore it as a back necklace which she must really love to do, because she did the exact same thing last year.


TOP: Jennifer Lawrence, Oscars 2014. BOTTOM: Jennifer Lawrence, Oscars 2013
Credit: Getty (top); LA Times (bottom)

Wonderful to see Cate Blanchett bring home the Oscar for her acclaimed role in Blue Jasmine. I loved her acknowledgement as a proud Australian by wearing Opal Earrings by Chopard to compliment her stunning nude Armani Prive couture gown.


Cate Blanchett, Oscars 2014
Credit: Getty




Sandra Bullocks impressive diamond cluster earrings were like a beautiful garden vine climbing her ear. Lorraine Schwartz created them for US$1.8 million.

Sandra Bullock, Oscars 2014
Credit: and FameFlynet

Angelina Jolie's exquisite earrings were a blinding 42 carats, which is huge for a pair of earrings.
Jolie and her jeweller Robert Procop designed the set together which had the "largest, perfectly cut, flawless round diamonds" he and the actress could find.

Together they also designed a Black Sapphire ring for beau Brad Pitt and matching cufflinks! WOW!




Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie, Oscars 2014
Credit: E! Online


Olivia Wilde whilst heavily pregnant still looked svelte with her black column high neck Valentino gown. Cleverly detailed at the back with a white train and lots of black and white diamond bracelets. 




Olivia Wilde, Oscars 2014
Credit: International Business Times

Moi Moi's Black and White Diamond Midnight Collection, launching soon.

Another fellow Australian, Catherine Martin was again awarded an Oscar for her costume design talents in The Great Gatsby. The Art Deco costumes and jewellery in the film clearly had an influence on last nights red carpet. There was plenty of Art Deco inspired jewelry like Naomi Watts Bvlgari statement necklace, which gave her gown some edge, as well as Kate Hudson & Kristen Chenoweth outfits.

Naomi Watts, Oscars 2014. Credit: Getty
Kate Hudson, Oscars 2014. Credit: Getty
Kristin Chenoweth, Oscars 2014. Credit: Getty
Moi Moi Rose Gold Blush Collection
  There was an onslaught trend of nude, neutral and soft gold gowns. All were complimented with very classic jewellery. There were not many colour jewels to be seen this year.

The simple stud earring with a solitaire diamond (or Moissanite) will always finish any outfit perfectly. Even at the Oscars! There were so many stars who chose the timeless staple solitaire stud of jewellery including: Margot Robbie, Pharrell Williams, Naomi Watts, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Bell & Giuliana Rancic.

    Margot Robbie, Oscars 2014. Credit: Getty
Pharrell Williams, Oscars 2014. Credit: Getty
Meryl Streep, Oscars 2014. Credit: Getty
Giuliana Rancic, Oscars 2014. Credit: E! Online
Moi Moi's "Lin" Moissanite stud earrings

We love watching what the stars (and their stylists) choose to wear at the Oscars, and that's our wrap up!

- Lauren 


Celebrating 10 years of Moi Moi!

Date Added: 27/02/2014

We took a leap of faith 10 years ago....we started Moi Moi!
We are thankful to our customers for their love and support who have made us what we are today.  

Now we are known as
The Jeweller with the Most Brilliant Jewel. 

So the year 2014 is the year of Celebration! To kick off this celebration we are going to bring you all new:

  •  M collection - Moissanite rings under $1000
  •  Midnight Collection - Black diamond rings
  •  Earrings collection - in time for Mothers Day
  •  10 year anniversary Limited Edition Coloured Diamond rings
  •  Plus More - Stay Tuned!

  Celebrate our 10 year anniversary
Receive one of these gorgeous jewellery boxes in-store with any fine jewellery purchase.

Come and celebrate with us, we would love to see you in-store... coffee is brewing

- Alana, Stephen, Lauren, Mary, Patrik, Aggie, Jessie & all at Moi Moi


Perth Dusk Bridal Fair 2014

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Moi Moi Perth is again very excited to be part of the annual Dusk Bridal Fair on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of March 2014, 9:30am to 5:00pm at the Perth convention centre.

Dusk Bridal Fair is one of Perth's biggest bridal fairs with a large range of wedding providers showcasing their latest collections, usually with special packages and discounts. This is a one stop shop for many brides-to-be to draw inspirations in planning for their big day.

At the fair we will add a bit of fun with a "Moi Moi Photo Booth".  Guests can be photographed by talented Jeffrey's Photography for FREE! The photo booth will open from 12noon till 3pm both days. All the photos will be up on our Facebook after the Dusk Bridal Fair for guests to tag themselves or to share on their page.

We would love for you, your partner, your bridesmaids and your bride-to-be friends to come along to the fair and this is why we will be giving away some free tickets on our Facebook page, thanks to Kym from dusk Bridal Fair!

Simply 'LIKE' the post on our Facebook about the free tickets give away for your chance to win them! Winners will be notified via email on the 2nd of March 2014.

We will also be giving away this stunning 1.57tcw Moissanite Ring valued at $4,290 at the Dusk Bridal Fair this year. For you chance to win, don't forget to visit our booth at F101, situated near the main stage.

- Aggie


The Facts on Pink Moissanite

Date Added: 19/02/2014

Think Pink or Think Again?

Many of our customers have asked us for pink Moissanite stones or jewellery. However, we don't sell them, and we do not sell them for a reason...

The colour will not last.

All pink Moissanite stones in the market today are colour enhanced by a "coating" process to make them pink. It is not an acceptable process as the colour is not permanent. Jewellers who sell them lead you to believe that "under normal wear" the colour is permanent. You need to question these jewellers what is the definition of "normal wear"?

"Normal wear" in their definition certainly does not cover repairing, resizing or ultrasonically cleaning,  polishing and rhodium plating. Yet each of these processes will most likely be required for the lifetime of your jewellery.

Coating may also come off when it comes into contact with strong cleaning solutions, solvents, under high heat, boiling in acid and polishing of the coated surface. 

We have tested many pink Moissanite stones beyond "normal wear" and we have found that none have passed the colour permanency test. 

Pink moissanite does look a million dollars and the colour is vivid and exquisite. If you like the look and if you know what you getting then go ahead in owning one and enjoy wearing it.

At Moi Moi we take pride in standing behind our products, so until we can guarantee you the colour will last, and you will get a lifetime of enjoyment from your pink Moissanite jewellery, this is the reason we won't be selling this product.

The pink stones you see on our website, are Created Pink Diamonds. These are permanent colours of Created Diamonds and will never fade or lose their brilliance, colour or change their appearance. 

- Stephen

Valentines Day

Date Added: 05/02/2014


It is almost here, one of the most "lovely" days all year, you know which one I am talking about, Valentines Day!

For some, this day is a blessing, for some not so much. Even if you are one of those who love Valentines day it can still be though to find the present that shows loud and clear what you feel for your partner. This week I will try to help you with some jewellery tips that hopefully can leave you stress free.  

To start it all off, what symbol is associated with Valentines Day more than anyone else? Obviously it's a heart.

So heart pendants are where we start off. One thing is for sure, heart pendants are classic for February 14th presents.  They will always be a sure bet. I mean how could they not when that's what Valentines day is all about.  Below are two of my favourite heart pendants. 




 Miabelle enamel and silver pendant
that also comes in Pink & Black 

"Erica" Moissanite heart pendant
set in 18K white gold




 Shrine of St. Valentine in Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland



Portrait of poet, Geoffrey Chaucer

  Another popular gift, possibly not as much associated with Valentines Day as the heart pendants are coloured dress jewellery, something fun and bright will put a smile on any girls face. Our True Colours Collection is perfect for this.  
Of course I am not going to forget about the men out there. We recently got a new collection of Tungsten and black Ceramic rings, and my first thought was I want one. Both Tungsten and Ceramic rings are extremely hard and durable. The detail can be a great compliment to fashionable mens watches. One thing is for sure, I really want one (that's what I am hoping I will get for valentines)!

Valentines day is celebrated all around the world, in Sweden we call it "All Hearts Day" which sounds a lot better in Swedish. For me Valentines Day is one of the best celebrations every year.  It is a perfect opportunity to show your partner or your friends and your family how much you appreciate them.  That is amazing to me, and I am sure that this is the reason Valentines Day is so popular.

So from all of us at Moi Moi we wish you a lovely valentines day!

Best wishes,


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