Happy New Year 2015

Date Added: 02/01/2015



We would like to wish all our customers and friends a very Happy New Year.
Thanks to all of you for your support. We wish you a bright and brilliant 2015.
From all of us at Moi Moi


Moi Moi present in the Telethon

Date Added: 11/11/2014

As a proud Western Australian, I was excited to be invited to sing at Channel 7’s annual fund raiser, Telethon, for improving the lives of children at Telethon, last weekend.

I performed the empowering “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, a classic song from Rogers & Hammerstein II’s musical ‘Carousel’ which is also widely loved as the Anthem for the Liverpool Soccer Club and fans.


The lovely Aggie & Jessie from Moi Moi Fine Jewellery decked me in their most divine jewellery. From the beautiful matching True Colours range of earrings, necklace, Moissanite bracelet and my absolute favourite, a sublime Kunzite and Pink Sapphire ring which made my hand feel so delightfully heavy, I confess I wish I could wear it all the time!

The talented Perth Fashion couture designer, Betty Tran, dressed me in one of her masterpieces, a heavenly magical gown which made me feel like a Princess.

Some of the supreme highlights of Telethon were when I walked out on stage and a group of girls yelled out “We love you Clara” and then when I went to leave the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, hundreds of gorgeous little girls dressed in pink, begged me to have a photo with ‘the Princess’.

One girl in particular had Downs Syndrome. She wrapped her arm around me to have a photo and afterwards she gave me the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek. That made my heart soar and I felt so grateful that what I love doing, brings so much joy and happiness to others.


I will endeavour to get a video copy of my performance to share with you soon.

Love Clara xx



Yours sincerely,
Clara Helms

Australian Pop Opera | Contemporary Singer | Songwriter | Actor | Dancer

Founder & Ambassador: “Belief Beyond Bullies: Raising Awareness & Self Empowerment”.
SHOWREEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1swmql1xiGI
*Finalist on Channel 7's "Australia's Got Talent"


What should I get for our anniversary?

Date Added: 27/10/2014




This is certainly one of the most reoccurring questions we get asked in the shop. We get it, we have been there ourselves, it is a lot of pressure trying to find the perfect present, but getting the anniversary present right can be easier than you think.

Many times, the best way is to ask your partner what they wish for, if you would like it to be a surprise, ask far in advance. This is the easiest route and is often the most successful one.


 The complete surprise route is also usually very successful and can bring up lovely emotions. Just the other day my customer came in and picked up an eternity band for his partner, she was completely stunned and just so happy, my customer told me that it could not have gone better. A few tips if you are thinking about surprising your partner, if you want to get a ring try to figure out your partners ring size and also what type of style they like which is also relevant if you are looking to get your partner earrings or a necklace.



The most common present for a ‘big’ anniversary, is definitely an eternity band, which sits next to the engagement ring. This means that there are three rings, the wedding band, the engagement ring and the eternity band. Together this looks absolutely stunning. Alternatively, you can stack rings, in what is now known as "celebration rings". I have provided a few pictures and links to some of our rings that are very popular as eternity bands.

Heaven 2.0
$1030 inc GST

E: Tabatha 1.5
$1160 inc GST

Heaven 1.3
$980 inc GST



For the ‘every year’ anniversary it is very common to get pendants, earrings or dress rings. These gifts can help to make every anniversary special and memorable.
A few of my personal favourites in different price ranges are as follows:  

B: Lin 4.5
$440 inc GST

C: Elissa 6.0
$570 inc GST

G: Eloise A
$680 inc GST


If you really cannot come up with any ideas, you can always purchase a piece of jewellery that has the gemstone that represents that year’s anniversary.

In the end it is all about showing your partner how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you.




Diamond Certificate Advice

Date Added: 13/10/2014


Ever wonder which certificate your diamond should come with, and why this is an important consideration?

  Rapnet – the world’s largest diamond trading network, has just recently announced its decision to cease
listing all European Gemological Laboratories (EGL) grading reports, in a response to growing concerns
and complaints over its misinterpretation on diamond grading.

Another gemstone and jewellery trading network Polygon had also follow suit to stop listing EGL certificates.


Credit:  http://www.jewelryappraisaldenver.com


This news came at a time amid reports of several lawsuits filed against a US-based retailer for misleading customers about the quality of diamonds certified by EGL. Locally, The Jewellers Association of Australia stated it had also received numerous consumer complaints regarding EGL certificates in the last few years.

Although grading standards are subjective within a ‘reasonable tolerance range’, a number of EGL reports have been found to overstate or over-grade diamonds using GIA terminology. Martin Rapaport, chairman of the Rapaport Group, warns of the risky scenario “when consumers try to resell their diamonds or send them to the GIA for re-grading and discover significant quality differences”. 




  Martin Rapaport, Rapaport Group chairman. Source: Jeweller Magazine


We recommend for our customers to choose a diamond with a GIA or IGI certificate.  

We combine our expertise and passion in guiding you to choosing the perfect stone,
and make your bespoke piece a dream come true.



Aquamarine - "Water of the Sea"

Date Added: 08/10/2014



This month, we're excited to add Aquamarine gemstones to our collection!

Aquamarine means "water of the sea" in Latin, and comes mainly in all shades of blue. Its common shade of light blue exudes feelings of sympathy, trust, harmony and friendship. The gorgeous colour reflects the sky and the ocean, and according to legend it originated in the treasure chest of beautiful mermaids, and has since ancient times, been regarded as the sailors' lucky stone.



As a member of the Beryl family, the blue tint comes from traces of iron in chemical composition. Unlike the other beryl gemstone, Emerald, Aquamarines are highly resistant to inclusions and easy to mine, making them much less expensive.

A quality aquamarine should not have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. It's a fairly hardy stone (7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale). The more intense the colour of an aquamarine, the more value is put on it.

We can custom make any design with Aquamarine gemstones for you, in any size or cut,
so you too can dream about the ocean and the sky.

- Alana

Hong Kong Jewellery Fair

Date Added: 20/09/2014

Stephen and Lauren have just returned from Hong Kong where they have attended
one of the world’s largest jewellery fairs.
With over 52,000 visitors and over 1,600 gemstone suppliers from all around the world this jewellery fair is legendary. For us who did not get to visit the fair this means much jealousy, but we are also happy for Stephen and Lauren who got to enjoy this significant event.

credit: thanjaitours


There are many stories about the Hong Kong fair, with diamonds worth millions of dollars and the fair more often than not, involves some thrill with robberies. This year was not without its thrills. Five diamond thieves were arrested after an attempt to steal diamonds with a total worth up to $968,000. One of the suspects tried to exchange a five carat diamond,
worth $425,000 with a fake diamond, however the sales attendant saw the whole act.
When they confronted the man he dropped the diamond on the floor and was swiftly escorted away from the premises of the police.

credit: exhibitions.jewellerynetasia.com

If you love jewellery the Hong Kong trade fair is something that has to be experienced. The worlds whole jewellery market moves to the exhibition centre in Hong Kong for one week. With all different gemstones, some even many experts have never seen and heard of ever before. Every time we have visited the fair we have learned something new. 

One thing is for sure, next year I hope it will be my time to go to the Hong Kong Jewellery fair.

All the best,

Patrik Andersson
Sales Associate


Vivid Proposal

Date Added: 15/09/2014

Hi Guys,
Want to know how to pop the question to your soul mate so she can remember it for all time? 
Then read on...

Chris has recently proposed to his gorgeous girlfriend Davina in front of thousands of curious onlookers at the Sydney's Vivid Festival 2014.

I have to say Chris has style.

Check this out! http://youtu.be/8iEwMZS4FQ8.
Watch the background as Chris proposes.

Best wishes to Chris and Davina from all of us here.
Thank you for sharing with us the beginning of your beautiful life together. Chris, you rock.




Windows Of The City - Perth

Date Added: 02/09/2014


Moi Moi Perth is excited to be part of the "Windows Of The City", an annual event run by The City of Perth and the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. This year, the public gets to vote for their favourite windows for a chance to win one of four City of Perth $5000 shopping sprees!



The theme we have been briefed was to partner “art and fashion” together. Moi Moi is a jewellery store in the Carillion arcade. Moi, besides it being incorporated in our signature jewel, Moissanite, which is The Most Brilliant Jewel in the World tm, in Cantonese it means little sister, which is a perfect pairing for the modern illustrator Ali J whose illustrations often under carry the theme of sisters or best friends.



Taking inspiration from many elements, Ali J wanted to create two high fashion figures adorned in jewellery. The two figures in clothes inspired by her favourite couture designer Ulyana Sergeenko from Moscow. Both girls have long flowing hair, impeccable choice in jewels, and eyes in hues of blue and green. The figures are quiet but contemplative and their beauty resonating from within. The eyes reflecting the strength to their character.

The figures are surrounded in a sea of beautiful glittering jewels. The jewellery stands are custom made by Ali taking inspiration from the woodland (a place that makes her heart sing) and beveled to reflect the shape of the jewels themselves. However each stand is different to the next, to hint that each element of jewellery that we wear is unique and unlike any other as they become part of our lives. The stands are in natural tones with pops of colour and metallics.

Above the figures hangs a tree branch with a weaving created by hand. The tree branch from Ali's own home symbolizes the idea that our homes are our safe space, our comfort. The weaving is an artwork that incorporates fabric and elements from her childhood as well as reflecting on the idea of time. These two items were included to bring warmth and a safe space for the figures and jewellery to live within.

The journey of creating the window was one of laughter, long nights and sawdust. Each block of wood was bevelled by hand. Each strand of hair was individually drawn. Every item of jewellery in the window was carefully selected for its colour and sparkle.

All the best,


Windows of the City Perth

Date Added: 20/08/2014


"Windows Of The City" is an annual event run by The City of Perth and this year with the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.  I am excited to announce that Ali J has teamed up with Moi Moi to create a stunning window display that showcases both the amazing jewellery and illustrations side by side.



Ali has worked with a lot of amazing people to help bring her artwork to life. She has had three solo exhibitions and her artwork can be found worldwide in books and magazines, on CD's, clothing, cards, prints and walls. She has collaborated and work with the likes of Sony/BMG, The Australian Copyright Council, Laura Ashley and The Women's Weekly.







Ali J is an artist and illustrator for the new generation. She lives on the outskirts of Perth alongside the beach creating in her vintage caravan studio. Her obsession lies in figures, primarily female, often with red rosy cheeks.

By day she is a mum of two kids, but put her in front of a canvas and she creates figures, scenes and worlds from her imagination.



 She has been creative all her life studying art at school and then continuing through college. However it was a random moment at the age of twenty six and working full time in a department store that she shared one of her illustrations online and her shop sold out within days that started her career.



Each creation is inspired by memories and experiences from life. Created by hand on paper or canvas sometimes incorporating vintage book pages or text within the work. The majority of the works are based on people or portraits, or their homes. Colours used are often modern and bold.




Stay tune for our next blog which will show you lots of interesting behind the scene works!





Father's Day 2014

Date Added: 11/08/2014


Every first Sunday in September is the day we put aside every year to celebrate and show our appreciation for our Fathers.


Fathers day is a lovely celebration and personally reminds me of the significance and the influence that my father has had on my life. It is the day every year I actually reflect over and thank my own father for everything he has done for me.


Every Father, old and new, deserves to be shown gratitude, love and appreciation. This is why at Moi Moi, we are celebrating Fathers day by offering $75 off on our men's bands, including titanium, 9 Karat Gold, 18 Karat Gold and Platinum rings. As we already have a price guarantee on our men's band this is truly a great Fathers day offer.


We hope you have a lovely Fathers day together with your families, and to all Fathers out there, Happy Fathers day!


All the best,






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