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About Us

Moi Moi Fine Jewellery is a family business started by sisters Lauren and Alana in 2004, which sells a range of high-quality diamond, moissanite, and enamel jewellery.

We can also provide in-store jewellery repairs in Perth and Sydney – including jewellery alteration and remodelling.

As the business developed we persuaded our father Stephen to join us. A mechanical engineer by profession and former Director of several companies, including a public company, Stephen oversees the production side and ensures we stay on track with the business. Mary, our mother, also helps out whenever necessary.

We love working together as a family and bringing family values to Moi Moi Fine Jewellery.

About Moi Moi

Moi Moi is a unique jewellery store, where we look for niche products of great value.

We will help you to recognise quality and value in fine jewellery so you make the right choice.

Our signature jewel is Moissanite – the most brilliant jewel in the world – which we introduced to Australia seven years ago.

Since then, we have brought in created pink and blue diamonds, at a fraction of the cost of mined.

In 2009, we launched ‘Miabelle’, the largest enamel jewellery collection in Australia.

And now we are expanding into the diamond world...to give you more options! We have access to $20 million worth of GIA Certified diamonds. You can buy online or with confidence in our stores at online prices!

For all our jewellery, we have never lost focus on quality in our designs and our craftsmanship. Above all, we will always bring you exceptional value – both for our products and our jewellery remodeling and alteration services.

Enjoy browsing through our new website, and enjoy the Moi Moi experience.

We hope to see you for a purchase or jewellery repairs in our Sydney or Perth store soon.

You can also chat to us online!