Coloured Jewellery » Created Blue

  1. Bridgette Blue Price: $5,380.00
  2. Eve Blue Price: $4,940.00
  3. Evita Blue Price: $6,120.00
  4. Katharine I Blue Price: $3,450.00
  5. Katharine II Blue Price: $4,740.00
  6. Rina Blue Price: $3,920.00
  7. Rita Blue Price: $3,920.00

Blue diamonds

Blue diamonds are one of the rarest colour diamonds in the fancy coloured diamond selection. It is one of the more expensive coloured diamonds and sought after by discerning collectors.

Moi Moi's created Blue Diamonds and created Pink Diamonds are identical physically, structurally and chemically to the natural mined blue and pink diamonds.

Our blue diamonds and pink diamonds are created with the exact same natural mineral as their mined counterparts. Only trained gemmologists using a powerful microscope are able to tell the difference. Our created diamonds are considered to be the best of its kind in the world and come at a fraction of the cost of mined gemstones.

Moi Moi's created blue diamond jewellery collection includes blue diamond rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants in a range of elegant designs which truly showcase the incredible beauty of blue diamonds.

We invite you to visit our Sydney and Perth stores to view some created blue diamonds.